Thursday, April 12, 2012

.NET Apprentice library, where next?

For years, literally, I've debated taking my prized C# closed-source library to the open source community.  It's served me well in its various forms for numerous clients.  However, it (or I) am not ready to give away the keys to the kingdom just yet.

On one hand, I want to.  It's far more work than a single man can complete alone.  Furthermore, I'd love for it to be able to help others.

On the other, there are really some special and unique things in there that just don't feel right to plainly give away, after so many years of work.

While checking some old data on my drive, I found its first iteration going all the way back to July of 2007.  That's closing in on 5 solid years of development.  And it's aged beautifully.  Lacking some refinement sure, but containing features onhand we wish we'd seen in WCF, WF and others.  I just wish I had a few folks to help me with it.

I've opened up just a page or two of the wiki, to give you a taste: